Strings & Things

I started taking guitar lessons in the beginning of the year, and have picked up a few chords that can carry a rhythm; on repeat, it can feel meditative. To play things by ear is know them by heart.

As I listened to the orchestra last weekend, I was mesmerized by the violins, violas, cellos, the bad ass double bass, and the lovely harp – a celestial instrument that added exactly one note (that I could count). The strings were, in so many ways, making the music with plucks and bows.

The first and second chair violins gave each other smiles and nods before lifting their chins and swiping harmony across horsehairs. Were they competing or collaborating? I couldn’t tell but they seemed to be enjoying each other, what they were making together, anyway.

I watched the double bass keep the beat; that is, once I focused on the man with the glasses in the way back, I could hear the sound coming from his instrument. Amazing how sight will sharpen the sound, bringing it into acute focus as if its volume is the only boom that gets elevated above all else.

I would like my heartbeat to become obvious in this way, undeniable to whomever sets his eyes upon me.

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