The City Different

When you know what you’re looking for, but don’t know where to find it or what it looks like, you travel. This form of restlessness is exploratory in spirt, tired in heart, and willful, if nothing else. There is a stubbornness to this blind faith.

Which is why you have to play things by ear.

What you are looking for can only be found through sound, vibrations of air molecules transmitted as a compression wave rather than the color spectrum of electromagnetic light. They travel too, and yet, we receive them differently. To play things by ear is to listen to the heartbeat of the ground and then deciding what to do.

This is generally my style of solo travel, walking and walking and walking, letting my feet listen, which is how I walked right into the Lensick Performing Arts Center to see the Santa Fe Symphony & Orchestra, watery eyes and all.

And just like that, sound can touch.

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