Venus in Pisces is in my fifth house of creativity, love and romance, passion and pleasure. Amazingly, this feminine water sign can integrate what Seattle (and Washington, D.C. before that) and Denver have so generously helped me express.

Vancouver illustrated how intimate these relationships can be, with its own harbor, Burrard Inlet, English Bay, and Frasier River all hugging the city close, especially its Asia Pacific influence, European flare, Irish undertones, and uniquely Canadian kindness – while also providing a means to adventure in its North Shore Mountains. There is something divine about how Van City interconnects and unfolds, and isn’t that how feminine energy works?

I suppose what I’m looking for on my travels is a home for my heart. A divine masculine that can contain my fullest sensual, feminine expression; that is, provide safety and security for a free spirit that wants to settle down, but not settle.

Close your eyes and imagine what this looks like. What are you doing and how do you feel?

I’m wearing a dress, blue/green, my hair is long and my skin is tan and there’s music playing. I’m dancing in my kitchen, spinning, and singing.

And where is he?

He’s sitting in a chair, looking at me, smiling, full of love and admiration.

What else?

I’m laughing and hold out my hand. He gets up and grabs my waist, pulling me into his body, wrapping warmth around me. I melt and we sway.

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