Venus in Pisces

If Seattle is my mind – the Aquarius sun of my idealistic thinking, with its refreshing ideas and free-loving imagination; self-conscious only sometimes when wandering too far away from the 3D realms of humanity and into the misperception of appearing antisocial and impartial, a great Seattle freeze indeed – then Denver, no doubt is my Aries moon.

Bold and direct, emotions, particularly the fiery ones, are as clear as the cloudless, vibrant blue sky and as easily accessible as the 300 days of sunshine. This place is action-oriented, encouraging one to be in their body, to move and test its limits, resting when needed. The things I am passionate about have risen here, and I wonder if it’s the altitude that has made everything feel lighter, with laughter on my lips, always on the cusp of awe and joy.

These two tectonic plates are both masculine in their energies, always pushing against one another in what can often feel like an endless (or acute) head vs. heart negotiation before settling down on something that makes either logical or intuitive sense, both if they are in alignment. Slowly over time, however, they have begun to diverge and somewhere along this fault line, a new, far more interesting energy as emerged in the space between them.

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