Old Reality Thinkers

During the second half of 2022, I experienced three old reality thinkers who directly challenged and actively negated the new reality I had spent the first half of 2022 creating, and was up until that point, thoroughly enjoying.

It was as if the universe was asking the same question, three times: are you sure you want this new life? Saying yes to this question meant saying no to the old energies that popped up and persisted as remnants I had already shed, but were still, somehow, hanging on. Some were easier to dismiss than others.

Saying no to these three people meant saying no to things that were no longer true for me. There was an underlying element of deception that made what otherwise would have been so right, feel so awful. When I was expansive and loving and connected, they were contracted, fearful and insecure. We experience pain when we separate from our natural frequency. We experience suffering when we sustain that separation (for others).

So yes, I choose the higher vibe. I am sure.

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