You were still on my mind when I woke suddenly, the image of your face slowly receding into the darkness as my eyes struggle, unsure, whether to open or close in order to see you.

My chest aches.

As I shuffle down the hall, my watch vibrates and flashes your name: “Woke up suddenly from a dream with you.”

The moment strikes me with relief – we are still connected; despite not being together here, perhaps there, where we always used to joke we’d see each other. Neither of us ask what we dreamed of. It was enough to know we had just been with each other, sharing a moment in time and space, where things were better.

I return to the empty bed and we pillow text ourselves back to sleep. When I wake in the morning, you send a poem about soul journeys, and I know you are letting me go. It is an act of love that makes me weep.

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