Light waves become incoherent when the potential difference between them keeps on changing. In other words, when the likelihood of too much change, in speed (frequency) or intensity (amplitude), is realized – that is when the light waves separate and scatter.

Imagine a laser becoming a night lamp on a bedside table; when brightness dulls to match a lower vibration, it becomes something it was never meant to be – a struggle, a fight for a former truth.

Sometimes keeping it all together doesn’t include what doesn’t work, the disturbance that has rippled apart what used to be, all by itself. There is a reason that insecurities, anger, and suffering are dense, weighty energies. Why hold on to what has made less sense by being together?

Let this be a lesson I do not have to learn anymore. Let 2023 be a lesson in alignment, where people who are meant to be together come together and flow.

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