Return to Sender

Reflections occur when light waves are returned to their place of origin, and in the case of self-reflections, when someone else receives your light and sends it back in equal measure. It is one way to see yourself clearly. Sometimes we snap a photograph.

Other times, a relationship can hold you longer. As the connection grows, you begin to feel your own vibe – the depth of your desire and the height of your joy – carry you up and down and along. This is energy is yours, and it’s a beauty to behold because we soften; in its glow, we melt our own hearts.

Here are a few things I have realized over the past three months:

  • A spiritual connection is just the spark. It is our humanness that enjoys the fire.
  • We are meant to run around naked. Being in our bodies is pure pleasure.
  • Saying “I Love You” is always worth it.
  • Being held is a basic need, so be generous with your hugs and snugs.
  • Creating your days together with someone else is so fulfilling.
  • Anger will always try to protect you from the things you do not understand.
  • Compassion will allow you to love, despite possibly never understanding.
  • Detachment is disabled when you know someone intimately.
  • Gratitude is an expression of acceptance; be thankful for how you’ve changed.

Reflections also mean that lightwaves are not absorbed, and therefore, your love is undeliverable. In these cases, try not to break your own heart with all you have to give. It’s already on its way home.

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