Moment of Truth

A relationship is not something you have, it is something you are in; an environment, almost, with its own conditions that change daily. The language between you – body, words, and body of words – is all you have. Without it, just breath. Breathing.

I curled around you in the silence. My head and heart aligned to yours, our bodies on their sides, while our legs lie in opposite diagonals toward the corners of the bed. We were the yin and yang of an evening, opposite yet interconnected, your head now resting on a bent elbow, a soft smile on your lips.

Our eyes held each other, and for a long moment, I surrendered to whatever dimension of time and space we were now in; a place of knowing. I will always remember this moment of recognition, and when truth struck you too, the way you leaned down to kiss me.

Relationships unlock, mostly the things we need.

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