To Be in Your Body

“What would I be doing with my time and energy if I made decisions based on a feeling of deep, erotic, orgasmic yes?”

adrienne maree brown, Pleasure Activism

To answer this brilliant question, I would have to be in my body; that is, to know pleasure – its build and release – and choose that over and over and over again. To feel my heart beat, and be breathless.

To know pleasure, is to know movement – the coming and going – of delight and satisfaction; of gratifying another in agreeable enjoyment; of lying together in truth, laying down your own.

There is a nakedness to saying YES, and when we moan, we prolong a suffering that is not grief, but good. Right there, is where we need to be, surrendering in whispers and screams.

When we make decisions based on this feeling, we choose desire; the things we long for, crave, want. And to know what you want, is a need waiting to be expressed.

We are living from the sacral chakra, one’s own abode in the lower belly and inner pelvis where birth, death, and rebirth occur. It is how we feel most sensual and creative, sexual and intimate, and when we are at home here, we acknowledge what we need and nurture what is most pleasing to us.

To answer adrienne’s question more directly: I would use my time and energy showing the world what I want.

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