Fist Full of Water

To bear means to uphold, contain, or support; as in “to bear the weight of.” And yet, it also means to impress upon and “bear down.” Or to see, hear, and know by personal presence or perception; as in “to bear witness.” It also means to tend a direction, signifying movement as you “bear left before the bridge.” Now go.

To bear water, then, is to feel the gravity of our emotions and carry them, to hold them for others so we can know who they are in a moment, and see ourselves in reflection. Emotions, magically, cast back light – a give back – and it is this heat that warms us when we go, as we move and flow.

We cannot physically hold water, however; a fistful falls between our fingers. The best we can do is cup it in our hands and even then, we are no crystal goblet. Leave it to Aquarius, an air sign, to transmute our unspoken emotions; to contain them separately and somehow change their nature, distilled and alchemized by the time they pour a glass.


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