Muir Woods

To be in the Redwood Forest is to be among the well-being. Health and happiness exist in groves, and when you look up, feel an equal and opposite depth of gratitude. This grounding roots you in place, as if the trees wanted it this way, for you to feel connected.

The awe is overwhelming, and like the sap you are, makes you weep. As you walk, every inhale feels sacred – rarified oxygen – and suddenly you’re aware that these breaths are limited. You sigh a long sigh as the sunlight warms your face.

Alone on the trail, I place my hand on the nearest gentle giant. Its red leathery bark is smooth and damp, and when I pat its side, can feel an echo calling, asking if someone is home. I step closer, outstretch my arms, and lean the full weight of my body – legs, lower abdomen, solar plexus, chest – and finally, rest my ear against its skin, and wait for an answer.

What I feel is a heartbeat. I am in the bosom of Mother Nature, and she is a love that lights up all my chakras.

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