Natural Moves

If we opened people up, we’d find landscapes. – Agnès Varda, filmmaker

Behind all landscapes, behind all walls, are people. – JR, artist

Colorado encourages this duality: the landscapes of the natural world with all its phenomena is on the same axis as the portraits of our true nature, essence, likeness. We revolve around both the macro and micro, oscillating in an infinity orbit that can heal what is divided and burdensome within us. Like mountains, we have range.

At 34, I am turning away from the deep ache of Aquarius belonging; the cold Uranus-ruled change that keeps everyone distant and the stubborn Saturn discipline of solving problems; the soreness of being a bright side in a bruised and battered collective consciousness. This fixed energy of concentrated air needs some love, warmth, and light. I want to melt and be soft, snuggle and be close to comfort.

And so, I rotate toward the sun. The bluebird skies of my hikes have let the light shine brightly and broadly, casting long shadows on the snow through mazes of pines and spruces, evergreens and aspens. If I stand still, I am among their silent solace, listening to their whispers turn to chatter as the wind whips up and they stir, getting all cozy beneath the weighted blankets of their snow-covered branches. If I keep moving, my body can generate its own heat and meet the sun on my face with a smile.

This is what Leo energy feels like: to be in the body with your heart pumping. It is a fixed fire sign that is ruled by the sun and sits in opposition to Aquarius in the zodiac, but there is nothing I find more attractive right now; to be operating in the playful heart space where the sexiness and zest for life lives. The bigness of this higher self expression is magnetic, and I can feel its pull, power, and charm.

This step towards joy and abundance, while a natural move to make, is also a vulnerable one. I am emerging from mental blocks and emotional walls I have occupied and built, now obsolete inputs that have no bearing on future outputs. Undoubtedly, this will change my connections, and I am nervous for how I will be received. What happens when you elevate your frequency, when you frequent more often that love for yourself?

When your external glow is harmonious with your internal vibe, will people see the landscape or the portrait; the places you’ve been or the person you’ve become? I hope they appreciate both.

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