Light that Does Not Struggle

The solar plexus – both the chakra and the ganglion of nerves – is located in the upper abdomen just below the diaphragm. Physically, it’s connected to the digestive system, which breaks down food into the most essential nutrients for quick absorption into the blood stream and eliminates anything the body does not need to function.

It also governs the adrenal glands, which help our bodies regulate metabolism – that chain of chemical reactions that convert said food into energy – and stress, by inducing fight or flight hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. It’s no wonder the solar plexus is considered an energy center.

Metaphysically, it is known as our gut instinct or intuition; the seat of our self-esteem, self-confidence, self-determination, and self-acceptance. It regulates our ego, identity, and personality – 3D things that filter the soul; but if aligned with the soul, can create truly authentic power. Imagine that: the central power plant that fuels our body is also the personal power house that feeds our inner flame.

Here’s a low-stakes way to illustrate this physical-metaphysical relationship: processing anxiety by eating an entire box of cereal at 11 p.m. I don’t do this often, in fact, I don’t even buy cereal anymore because I have zero self-control. So it’s easy to catch myself in the grocery store when I find myself wandering down the cereal aisle, I know something’s up. Sometimes, on nights like tonight, I give in anyway and give myself grace later.

But there is also a high-stakes version of this solar plexus dynamic: playing yourself small because you fear you’ll be rejected for stepping into the sun, illuminating the all of you, can cause stomach pains that literally cramp your own style. This is my self-sabotage: light that struggles with itself.

It manifested two weeks ago when I experienced what felt like a gut punch that yes, indeed knocked the wind out of me. Interestingly, I have the Garmin data to prove that my body was under significant stress while doing normal things: driving and sleeping (but not at the same time).

I’ve been sensitive to my solar plexus ever since, applying a hot pack at night and massaging that quarter-size part of my stomach in the morning. I’ve been mindful of my thoughts and emotions, but not self-conscious; just aware. My body, as well as my soul, is trying to process, cleanse, and release old energy that no longer serves the person I’ve become. I didn’t know pain was part of the process, let alone how painful this could feel.

The good news is that there are excellent remedies for healing. You see, light that does not struggle with itself is known as phase-coherent light, which is what a laser is, so take note of how important it is to stay focused on all the things that make you, you. Because when you are all-in on you, you have the ability to attract vibrations that have the same wavelength, frequency, and velocity.

Your peaks and valleys line up and simply put, you’re effortlessly in sync with one another. The best expression of this is laughter, and damn, have I laughed a lot lately, even with stranger neighbors trying to collectively figure out where the noise in our ceilings is coming from. But it can also just feel like a great conversation with a good friend, giving and taking, offering insights and asking questions. You can also feel this when you listen to music or dance to said music in your kitchen with aforementioned cereal bowl, or are vibing and jiving in a climbing class sweating your ass off.

There are so many things that can make you feel powerful and friends who can empower simply by being equally open and sharing who they are. And when you come together – although you never “connect” – you unbelievably amplify the light.

This is what Aquarius season is all about.

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