Inspired Scribble is the place I have created to practice my prayer and my communion. It is the space I have given to breathe along my spiritual journey. It is a way I honor my gift of writing.

“This is self-care, not a competition,” my mother once told me, encouraging me to step out of the shadow of fear so the light of my love for life could be seen. For years I have been tip-toeing, dabbling, baby-stepping my way around my own writing and shielding the inner mechanics of my mind from exposing my heart’s content.

I have wrestled with opposing ideologies that have influenced how I’ve often felt about myself as a woman:

  • The competitive nature of sports and business
  • The creative nurture of self-expression

Inspired Scribble is where I seek peace, on the good faith that my spirit shows up. And when it’s quiet, the understanding that absence reveals its own magic. Participating fully in life requires both, like an inhale and an exhale. Inspired Scribble is where I return to the breath.

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